Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sometimes I just need to write.

I wrote a post not too long ago about how I hate the word busy. Something I hate even more is when I allow myself to be consumed by the word and the overwhelmed feeling that goes along with it.

The worst part? When I feel overwhelmed with one thing, I tend to feel overwhelmed with everything. It's as though there is a list screaming at my inside my head that seems completely out of my reach. The sheer volume of tasks before me cause me to feel like the weight is preventing me from getting up and doing.

Friday, 9 November 2012

27 in 27 - The Finalized List

Well everyone, I've finalized the list of 27 things that I will cook/bake in my 27th year of life. (Although, as a side note - seeing as I just celebrated my 27th Birthday, I am actually in my 28th year of life. So weird! I only realized this after completing my 26 in 26, and making up this challenge, so I'm not changing it) My deadline is my next birthday- October 14th, and I am so excited for this challenge!

I have split the list into sections, and in no particular order numbered them off to easily keep track of what I have and have not completed. As previously promised, I am committing to not only create each of these dishes, but also to blog step-by-step instructions complete with pictures. I have no idea where to start, but I'm thinking I should get on it pretty quick!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sometimes Change is (Still!) Hard...The Flip Side

Last week I talked about when I was born again (again... yes, I talk like that now), and how it was hard at times when I felt like I didn't fit in with some of my old friendships. This week I want to talk about the flip side, because as hard as it was to feel like I was not fitting into my old life, it was even harder at times when I felt like I wasn't fitting in with my new life.

I have been very blessed to have an amazing Christian community right from the start. I was spoiled, really- I didn't have to work hard at finding new Christian friends like I know some other people have had to do. Instead I was instantly accepted into the group of friends that Chris already belonged too. They were his small group (church language for bible study group) and immediately they were my small group. This group hung out a LOT. Once a week bible study, lunches after the Sunday service, and often some sort of hang out on Friday or Saturday night. I felt like I was thrown into the deep end, and at times it felt like it was a sink or swim senario.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sometimes Change is Hard

Ok, who am I kidding? Change is often hard. At least for me it is. Even when the change is good, I find myself grieving what was. Trying so hard to hold on to the familiarity that I have trouble embracing what is new- or even the idea of something new.

I went through a drastic change in my life when I accepted Jesus (Yes... I talk like that now) I had to wrestle with so much during that time- even the language which I used to describe it. I spent my whole life being in a completely different place with my faith. In that time I often made fun of, or looked down on the "Bible Thumpers" who claimed to be born again or saved. I found myself in a place of superiority over "those Christians" because the way I practiced my faith was so much more accepted among peers. I actually had friends that would thank me, or make comments about how they liked that I never talked about religion. They knew that I believed in God, and I knew they didn't - and neither one of us wanted the other to change their mind. I once had a conversation with someone about how I hoped they would believe in something, but I certainly had no interest in telling them what that should be. For all I cared, they could believe in that lamp *gestures towards lamp in the corner* Now.... my views on lamp worship have changed quite a bit since then, but that's not actually where I'm going today.
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