Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Highlight Reel... Trying to Learn Gratefulness.

Have you ever looked through someone's profile picture album on Facebook? We all put our best pictures there, don't you think? You'll see picture after picture of smiling, laughing happy people. Sometimes they'll be in exotic locations, or they'll be at fun parties with friends- maybe they're doing a handstand, or they're wearing a Triathalon participants shirt. If they're married it's almost guaranteed that there will be a number of wedding photos, and if they have kids there are probably a couple pictures of them pregnant, as well as with their sweet little children.

Now. Have you ever seen a romantic comedy? There's almost always that part of the movie when Joe and Sally have gotten together and they are obviously quite happy. To show us how happy they are we see a montage of happy scenes - them walking in the park hand in hand, Sally stuffing an ice cream cone in Joe's face which makes them both laugh. A shot of them making dinner together- Joe feeds Sally a taste of marinara sauce from the spoon, which of course starts a steamy make out scene.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Way We Eat

Last January, Chris and I decided to make some changes to the way we eat. I had some pretty high hopes of how things would change, and how it would affect the way we feel. Now that it has been a year, I wanted to share with you how things are going.

First, the initial goal was to stop worrying so much about the fat and calorie content in things, but instead worry about how our bodies are able to metabolize them. It all comes down to liver health - Your liver is the main organ that burns fat, but also the main organ that rids your body of toxins. If it is so busy riding your body of toxins, how can it possibly burn any fat? The other goal (which looking back really should have been the primary goal) was to have better digestive health, and overall start feeling better. Both Chris and I can suffer greatly from eating bad foods. The bonus in all this was learning just how much we can change our digestive health just by changing what we eat!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

On Having Close Friendships with the Opposite Sex

Sometimes I want to write blog posts about things I feel passionate about but I worry about having opinions that will not be well received.

And then on days like today I have just the right amount of courage to do it.

Can we talk about being married (or in a committed relationship for that matter) and having friends of the opposite sex? Obviously we all have a few, but what I am talking about is a close friend. Best friend even. I am not talking about your guy friend that you grew up with and consider to be your "best guy friend" and now talk to once every few weeks or even months. I am talking about a best friend. Someone you text with often, or call a few times a week. Someone who will hang out with you and your husband but sometimes your husband feels left out because you and your friend go on and on chatting and laughing about all your inside jokes. When you're bored on a Friday night, you call him to hang out with. That's who I'm talking about. I am also talking about the guy at work who you joke is your "work husband" The guy that you always sit with for lunch, who stops by your desk multiple times each day. the guy that not only asks about personal things, but seems to be an expert on your personal life. Ya. That guy.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Every Personality Strength Stands Next To A Flaw

I've been having trouble putting fingers to keyboard (Get it? Instead of pen to paper??) when it comes to my first post of 2013. Should I write about what I learned in 2012? Maybe just some highlights of all the blessings we received? Or instead maybe I should reevaluate my life, and write about what habits I want to be rid of, and what new routines I would like to incorporate. It seems as though a lot of bloggers take this first post quite seriously- using it as a springboard into a new series, or at least a new outlook.

I've got nothin. Sorry to disappoint folks, but really my mind is blank.

I think it's a romantic idea to sit down once a year and take stock of your life. To see what has worked, and what hasn't and then try to implement changes. My problem is that I'm too organized.

Hold on. What?

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