Saturday, 29 March 2014

Welcome To The World Elliott Joshua!!

Sorry for taking so long to post, but as I'm sure you can imagine, I have had my hands full. Quite literally. It's pretty tricky business to try to type on a laptop when you have a newborn in your arms!

Elliott Joshua was born exactly a week before his due date on Thursday, March 20th at 10:54 am. He weighed 9 lbs, 2 oz and was 21 inches long. He was born at Lucina Birth Centre in Edmonton with my Midwife Tara (who is Ah-mazing) We were anticipating a water birth, but when it came down to go time I was more comfortable on the bed. C'est la vie!

And folks... he is absolutely perfect.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

38 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 38 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 38 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope, no sickness at all this week!

Food Cravings? One night I had a sweet craving so bad that I had Chris stop on the way home (at 10:30 pm!) for an Oreo McFlurry. Mmmmm ice cream. I figure that I have had so few cravings that it certainly can't hurt to give into a late night one ;)

Mood? Fantastic! I'm loving Maternity Leave so far. It's so lovely to have time to relax, and also clean to my heart's content! I'm pretty sure that I underestimated how real nesting is, and it catches me by surprise as I am relaxing on the couch and feeling the intense urge to get up and scrub down something new, but I'm loving it! I've never smiled so much while cleaning in my life- it's just so satisfying! Don't worry though- I am definitely still taking plenty of time to relax. I've already had a pedicure and a massage in the past week. I am fully enjoying the break before baby (and sleeping in too!)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Nursery Tour!! Bright Colours, Scripture and Star Wars

I am officially on maternity leave! My last day was this past Wednesday, and as a wonderful surprise, the crib sheets I ordered two months ago finally came in the mail on Thursday morning. Best first day of mat leave ever. I'm so glad I held off on sharing pictures until these sheets came in, because along with the change pad cover and the breast feeding pillow cover, I feel like they really complete the room.

Ok! Let's get started!! When Chris and I first started envisioning the baby's room we first of all wanted the colours to be gender neutral, but not pastel. We knew we wanted it to look modern with clean lines and bright colours, but also have a few vintage touches.  I am so excited how it all turned out.

First of all. This wall. So in love. I adore the clean lines of the horizontal stripes and the pop of colour from the one orange stripe. The orange is brought together in the room by the change pad cover (in a Moroccan print) and the two framed bible verses on the adjacent wall. 

The crib sheets are in a herringbone print, and the breastfeeding pillow, obviously in chevron. The flip side of the pillow is a bright orange minky fabric.

This is the wall you see as you walk in the room. The bible verses on either side of the window are from Jeremiah Chapter 1. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" (vs 5) "Before you were born I set you apart" (vs 6) These verses meant a lot to me as we were trying to get pregnant. I just kept submitting to Jesus, knowing that He already knew our baby and had set him or her apart for us, and more importantly for His Kingdom.

The dresser is from IKEA. Originally we were going to refinish an old dresser and paint it a bright colour, but I'm so happy with the white dresser and how it looks with the crib and the white stripes. Also, loving those green curtains so so much.

A cute print form IKEA and a sweet little giraffe rattle.

On the right side of the dresser is the laundry hamper. I have a large wet bag which I will be hanging inside the hamper or (just placing beside), for the cloth diaper laundry. On the other side of the dresser is the waste basket. Cute. Small. Functional. You can also see a humidifier in the picture. Alberta is so dry, it's somewhat necessary! 

Now for the shelves..

The top shelf has the cutest wooden yellow bird that we found at Superstore on clearance (Score!) along with blocks that we'll use to take pictures of babe. The "weeks" block can be changed to "days", "months" and "years" Very functional! The blocks were a gift, but I believe they were found at Chapters.

The middle shelf holds a stuffed whale that was saved from Chris' childhood toys, and a tin watering can with billy balls in it- a leftover decoration from our wedding.

The bottom shelf has another IKEA print and a tiny dinosaur 3D puzzle.

To take a look at the wall across form the crib...
We have the shelves, a white mounted deer head, and of course a touch of Star Wars for Daddy.

A close up of the Star Wars print...

Speaking of Star Wars, check out the wall above the door...

A closer look again....

For the record, yes little girls can be Jedi's too ;)

Ok! On to the last corner of the room. The rocking chair!! We got this rocking chair off Kijiji for $50, and I just love it. The blanket on it was one of Chris' baby blankets. Oh my heart...

The little nightside table is (you guessed it!) from IKEA. As is the lamp. The giraffe sitting there is from Chapters, and is still my favourite baby item ever. In the months before we got pregnant we made many detours from the books to the baby section in Chapters. MANY. Each time I picked this little guy up and told Chris how much I wanted him. Each time he told me to buy him and I told him that I wanted to wait until we were pregnant. The trip to go pick him up after seeing those two lines was just as fun and happy as I always pictured it. Well worth the wait!

On the left side of this shelf is another printed bible verse. Samuel 1:27 "I prayed for this child and the Lord granted me what I asked of Him" and then one last IKEA printable. The right side of the shelf is my favourite...

The teddy was Chris's as a child. The pencil sketch of the pig is one that I drew in Grade 11, and then it's all pulled together with the ABC blocks... Seeing as it's right above the rocking chair with Chris' baby blanket, I call this the vintage corner ;)

Well, I think that's it! Truth be told, it's still missing the mobile. I plan on getting that finished this week, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share the rest of the nursery. So, what do you think?? I'd love to hear your feedback, and feel free to link to your own nursery tours in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

37 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 37 Weeks, 3 Days

How Far Along? 37 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Actually, yes. This past week I've had a couple nights where out of the blue, right before bed I feel nauseated and sick. One night was particularly bad, and I woke up twice (once at 1 am, once at 3 am) both times tasting vomit in my mouth and feeling as though puking was imminent. I suppressed it because I have a ridiculous aversion to throwing up (going on 14 years puke free!), but it also brought along terrible heartburn (only the second time I've experienced it) All in all it was a really horrible night of very little sleep. A couple nights later I experienced a very mild version of the very same thing. I'm praying this isn't a new trend.

Food Cravings? Nothing specific that I can think of. Feeling very wary of foods ever since the couple of nights of sickness. Once was after we indulged in too much junk food, and the other time was after eating pizza for lunch.

Mood? So much better than last week! I'm not feeling nearly as backed into a corner about leaving work ASAP as I was the past couple of weeks (At first it seemed so out of my control for medical reasons) I have decided that my last day is... well... today actually. I'll be totally honest with you guys though- I'm typing this up Tuesday evening, and while I have been feeling emotional and sad about leaving, it's nothing in comparison to how I'll be feeling tomorrow. I had no idea it would be so hard, but it really is. I LOVE my job and my coworkers. To think that I am leaving and not coming back is just plain hard. There will be tears tomorrow (ahem, today. Wednesday. You get it, right?)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant

Taken at 36 Weeks, 4 Days

How Far Along? 36 Weeks, 6 Days

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope!

Food Cravings? Well, I did have nachos this week, and I was pretty excited about them...

Mood? Oh heavens, this week has been a roller coaster! Up and down emotions about dealing with the reality that baby may want to come very early, and then up and down emotions about how soon I should be leaving work (Which I didn't realize would be such an emotional decision, but it certainly was!) And THEN learning that my complication (prolapsed uterus) wasn't nearly as complicated as we thought (second opinion confirmed it was NOT my uterus that is prolapsed- I'll explain more below) Man. I feel like I've been through the ringer this week. There have been a LOT of tears.
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