Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Monday's Be Crazy

Most days my day ends at 4:30. It's pretty awesome that all I have to do is walk up the stairs to go "home," but on Mondays it still feels like I don't have enough time for anything. Chris has a night class at 5:30 and has to leave by 5, and then I leave at 6:40 for a course I'm taking at our church. (Thankfully I have a wonderful mother in law who come to watch Elliott and put him to bed because Chris doesn't get home until 8:45) Chris and I still want to eat dinner together, but that can feel like a lofty goal most weeks, especially when you factor in the toddler. 

Yesterday was shaping up to be just like every other Monday. I did have a plan for dinner, but getting it cooked and on the table in time for Chris to eat with us before he left didn't sound like it was going to happen. I suggested to him that he may want to just fend for himself before I was even done work. 

And then.... my afternoon wasn't going so well. Elliott was being a complete nut trying to take all the kids toys and pushing them around (yes the kids, not the toys) They say as a Dayhome provider your own kid is always the worst, and that is certainly true for us most days.

I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've done this, but I was at my wits end and sent Elliott upstairs to hang out with Chris around 4 o'clock. I felt bad because I knew it would make it hard for him to figure out his dinner with a cranky toddler at his feet, but I had no choice. I was pulling out my hair!

So here's what real teamwork looks like folks. I came upstairs at 4:30 to find dinner almost ready (salmon, rice and veggies) and we were able to sit down as a family to eat it all. I felt so blessed you guys, I could have cried. When Chris was almost done his dinner he mentioned he wanted to make a latte before he left so I hopped up and made it for him. I handed it to him with a granola bar as he was walking out the door, and all I could think was "man we rocked today!!" 

Full disclosure- most Monday's have been Chris running out to get Papa John's ($6 pizza on Monday's is hard to say no to) and us scarfing down a couple pieces together as he walks out the door with Pepto in hand *just in case* the greasy pizza doesn't sit well. I think I deserve to celebrate this victory ;)

Anyways, that's just what life looks like for us these days. 

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

*ten points for the first person to name the title reference*

I know it's been a while, but I knew that when I returned I wanted to really return to making regular posts, and that was something I just wasn't ready for yet. Well, I decided what better time to rekindle my little corner of the Internet, that the milestone of turning 30!

To kick things off, let's start with a fun little post about the things I have learned in the past 30 years. Well, the noteworthy things. Well... the noteworthy things that I can think of off the top of my head.

In no particular order...

1. Do not take pride in personality strengths, because a different season of life may sweep you off your feet and you may find yourself showing flaws where strengths once were, and no one is harder on you than yourself. Pride = High Expectations = Possible Dissappointment 

2. If you think something is a big deal, don't act all nonchalant about it and then get angry when no one is treating it like a big deal. Again, expectations...

3. Always get AppleCare and always have a screen protector. 

4. Kids are like goldfish. They will grow as much as we give them space for. 

5. More importantly on parenting- no one, I repeat NO ONE is doing it completely right. There's no such thing. 

6. If you let yourself have fake arguments in your head with another person for long enough you will start to believe that they really feel the way you think and you really are as right as you always are when you inevitably win the argument (because you never lose arguments in your head)

7. Nothing is a substitution for prayer. Absolutely nothing. 

8. It's one thing to say you want to only surround yourself with likeminded individuals, or only want positive happy people on your Facebook newsfeed, but it's also a slippery slope down the not-real-or-authentic-community hill. 

9. If there is one thing in this life that is worth investing in financially it is your mental health. Stuff breaks, trips can wait (and frankly so can debt) but your mental health and well being pours into your most important relationships, which is all that really matters in the end.

10. You get to a point where you stop making decisions solely based on your twenty-something self and start thinking more about your fifty-something self, and how you can best serve that old geezer.

11. Speaking of your twenty-something self... Pssst, you should probably start saving for your retirement now.

12. There can be a lot of grey areas in life, but if you stick to black and white things tend to go a lot easier for you. 

That's all I've got for now folks. Maybe I'll have a second installment, or maybe I won't. I will however have a new post every week. Quiet time just got more productive!

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