Friday, 20 November 2015

Sweet Little Toddler Prayers

I think I've written about this before, but I desire for prayer to be an integral part of Elliott's life. I pray out loud with him as often as I can so that he can see our prayers at work. 

A few weeks ago I started praying with him in the mornings as I nurse him - I love this sweet time with him as we lazily start our day and wake up together. I ask him if he wants to pray and he says "mmhmm" with a little smile. So then I'll start small

"Dear Jesus, We thank you for Daddy. We pray that he has a really good day! Aaaaamen!" 

Since very early on he has always hit the table when we say Amen at the dinner table. It's very cute. When we pray anywhere else he hits his chest with his hand. Even cuter.

So he hits his hand on his chest. Now here's the best part. Next he makes the sign language sign for "More." Oh be still my heart! The first time he did it I cried. 

So I ask "Do you want to pray more?" 


This goes on and on as we pray for multiple things and multiple people. I think it's the best part of my day with him. 

Sometimes when he is really whiney I will ask him if he wants to pray. Today we had the sweetest little interaction. I started out thanking Jesus for all our family "Thank you for Grandma and Grandpa, and thank you for Auntie Gloria and Uncle Steve. Thank you for Auntie Nicole and Uncle James, and for Uncle Daniel. And who else should we thank Jesus for?"

"Nonah!!!" He exclaimed. 

(Nonah is what he calls his favourite cousin Jonah.)

I don't know why I am always so surprised at his level of comprehension, but this one struck me with more than just surprise. So much joy and love fills my heart!! I feel so encouraged that even at this young age Elliott is already engaging in a relationship with Jesus. My prayer for him is that prayer will always be front and center in his life and that he will see the fruit of it continuously. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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Friday, 6 November 2015

I Bit My Kid Today

I don't think anyone expects to one day bite their own child. I certainly didn't. There are some strong opinions when it comes to dealing with a toddler who bites in this way and I'll just start by thanking you for keeping them to yourself.

Elliott is a handful and a half. I spend approximately 98% of my day pulling him off the Dayhome kids. You might think I am exaggerating, but I assure you I am not. The pushing, tackling and hitting is enough to deal with, so when it looked like the new game was biting all I could think was NUH UH. 

The kid is just so full of love, I swear. Rarely are any of his antics out of anger, but instead out of playfulness. He just happens to love to play very very rough. His hugs are robust and his kisses usually include face pinches. He just loves so much!! Obviously, a child his size (or even a little bigger) can't quite handle the love. Or appreciate it. Like, at all. 

He had bit me while in full tackle mode a handful of times, but seemed to understand my firm "no biting!" Well, when he bit one of the kids last week  (after a loooong week of me playing referee to him all day long) I had pretty much had it. I was done. 

Why on earth would we bite our child to show them they can't bite? How on earth could it be effective to show them that it isn't an acceptable way to show your frustration when that is exactly what we are modeling? How confusing is it to hurt your child and them to understand that we love them and they are safe with us?

I've had all those thoughts and continue to, but still, when he bit me today, I bit him back. I would much rather it be me, someone who can control how hard I bite, then it be retaliation from another child that would hurt way more and possibly draw blood.

I'm still not sure it was right. Parenting is dang hard. You can have all the ideas of what is right and wrong in your head, and then you go and bite your own kid.

TGIF guys, TGIF.

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