Sunday, 20 March 2016

Elliott's Two Year Update!

Guys. My baby is two. Two whole years old. In some ways it's hard to believe because it has gone so fast, but in other ways he acts so old so it just seems fitting that he's finally a two year old.

I think it's because I run a dayhome and he hangs out with mostly 3/4 year olds all day long, but his vocabulary is just insane! He is saying 4-5 word sentences, and he's just so smart. The other day he was telling me he wouldn't put his hand somewhere where I told him it would get stuck, and said "I won't mommy" then proceeded to tell me all the other kids wouldn't either by saying "Ollie won't too. Finley won't too." Then he paused and actually corrected himself, saying "Ollie won't either" He also seems to have his "him's and her's" down pat and will also correct himself if he says it wrong. "Where Daddy? Go see him" He's learning to say words the correct way which is a little sad. He used to call banana "mana" and then one day a couple weeks ago he stumbled over it once or twice and out came "banana" It's silly, but I miss "mana" a little, haha

Speaking of food, he eats really well. He's pretty good with both a spoon and a fork and he eats everything we eat (as long as it isn't spicy) He doesn't love meat, but will eat it if it has a yummy sauce or dip. Oh boy does this kid love dip. Mainly garlic mayo, but also ketchup, mustard, sour cream, alfredo sauce..the list goes on. The main thing to remember when it comes to Elliott and food is that it is extremely necessary for his overall mood. This kid gets grumpy if he hadn't eaten enough. This poses a problem nearly every single morning because he pretty much refuses to eat breakfast and then melts down by 9-9:30 am. I always make an extra piece of toast and the second he starts to get whiney I follow him around as he's playing, offering him bites. Might seem ridiculous, but it has become essential to keep the peace among him and all the kids, because the second he gets grumpy he stops playing nicely and starts stealing toys and pushing kids. Oy.

He naps once a day from 11:30-1. Sometimes a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter. He wakes up grumpy almost every single day, but comes around after 2-3 minutes of snuggles. Except for about once a week when he wakes up screaming and nothing will put an end to it. He melts down for 10-15 minutes and eventually just comes around. It's a little draining, but I'm glad it isn't everyday! 

He wakes up pretty happy each morning too. We're still nursing everyday, but just that one morning nurse. He wakes up, we go to the couch and snuggle and nurse for 10-15 minutes. I'm actually not convinced I have much of anything in there anymore, but he obviously loves it and I have no problem continuing for now. It's a nice quiet way to start our mornings. 

You know, I could talk about the tantrums, and I could talk about the strong willed yelling "No!!" when I ask him to do things, but I think a lot of that is just par for the course for a two year old. He is nowhere near "terrible" but he's testing his boundaries, that is for sure! Chris and I constantly remind each other that our job is not to make him happy (aka give in when he starts throwing a fit) but it's to give him boundaries and teach him how to treat others by how we treat him. I think we're doing a pretty good job- he loves everyone he meets, and is such a sweet, joy filled little boy. He hugs everyone and shows empathy if someone gets hurt or sad. I'll take that over a quiet kid any day! Oh, and the sense of humor on this kid, is out of this world!! This is us, cracking up over him tickling his own feet. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe and Chris came in just to see what all the commotion was about. Seriously. This kid is hilarious!

Just a couple more pics from the last couple weeks...

Some of Elliott's favourite things in the world are being outside (specifically but not limited to being on the swings), seeing his cousins, and generally just going "out." Doesn't matter where you take him, but the second you ask him if he wants to go out he jumps up and runs to the door. He loves "treats" (side note- Sun Rype fruit snacks are the only ones I've found that have no added sugar, and he *loves* them) and any and all cheese (just like mommy and daddy) His favourite fruit is either grapes or blueberries, and while he claims to love carrots, if they are raw he will chew them up and spit them out. I find almost everything that comes out of his mouth adorable, but my favourite is when he does something (turns something on/off, opens something, etc) and exclaims "I did it!!!" Man that's cute.

I could go on and on, but I have to end somewhere. We love this little man more than words can say! I just love watching him grow so much. I can't wait to see what new adventures we get into in the next year!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

I Still Own This Corner Of The Internet

Oh gosh it's been a while. I have so many excuses, but so little desire to rattle them all off. Let's just forgive and forget shall we?

You forgive me for being so absent and I'll forgive you, my valued readers (ahem, Mom) for not reaching out to see if I'm still alive and kicking. Just kidding. Obviously my Mom checks in on me. But the rest of you... Where have you been? Hmm??

I miss blogging all the time, but gosh life gets busy. I'll just call this a life update post (aka excuses excuses post)

I work full time and have a toddler that literally never stops running. The kid has For Christmas we got him a mini trampoline which we considered his "need" for the year. (Christmas =1 need, 1 read, 1 want in our household) and I can't even imagine how insane he would be without it because the kid will bounce  on there like there's no tomorrow and still run around like a nut.

My day starts at 6, and I have dayhome kids arriving anywhere from 7-7:30, with most work days ending at 4:30. Then after dinner etc, trying to entertain the tornado for a couple hours, finally bedtime comes at 8 pm. Then... we collapse. Netflix takes up most of our evening. (Currently on season 4 of The Office for the first time. How have we never watched this all the way though before??) 2 hours later I head to bed and after 5 days in a row of that I'm usually pretty ready to spend as little time as possible in our home on the weekends. 

Who knew working from home would make a person so darn antsy?? Sheesh, I swear some days I bribe Chris with Costco ice cream just to breathe fresh air and see some strangers. 

Side note. I'm pretty sure we are an anomaly when it comes to Costco shoppers. All you ever hear about are people who complain they went in for toothpaste and came out with a $200 cart load. We have the exact opposite problem. We go in looking for... well, ice cream. And we come out with maybe one box of cereal and of course our ice cream. I think I have Costco anxiety. I'm so scared of falling into "the trap" that I walk around seeing things that look good and immediately run in the direction of the nearest sampler instead. "No wait! Sweetie! I need to try this antipasto!!"
I don't know why I called this a problem. We rock at Costco. 

We've also become quite the mall walkers. Good 'ol St. Albert mall. So little to offer, yet so much time spent walking around it. I'm really making strides in my Winners anxiety though. I can walk in the store without heart palpitations now. Only the St. Albert location though- I know where everything is and can put my blinders on for everything else. I got cocky and stepped into the Winners at West Ed a couple months back and boy was that a mistake. I didn't even make half a loop before I turned myself around and speed walked my way out of there. 

Elliott turns two this month which is so far beyond my comprehension I'm not sure I can even talk about it yet. Two? When? How? I think I'll do a whole post as an update on him. Reading over his last update (12 months!) makes me want to cry just a tiny bit. I'll do my best to make sure it isn't too sappy, but no promises. 

Ok, that's all for now guys. I'm super tired and need to crash. Let's make a deal. I'll try to make this blogging thing a little more regular, and you don't forget about me completely ok? I still own this particular corner of the Internet for now ;)

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